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    Your work must consist of original designs that do not infringe on any copyrighted or trademarked material. Please do not use Meow Wolf’s logo, any derivative of Meow Wolf’s logo, or any elements from within the exhibit/Meow Wolf universe unless you are the sole proprietary owner of a design/character from Meow Wolf. We are interested in work that is progressive, unique, and generally not otherwise widely distributed. Based on the Meow Wolf mission to help support local economies, priority is given to work from local New Mexico based artists. We prefer work that does not contain traditional elements of art pertaining to particular movements, genres or cultures. We prefer to avoid using imagery containing the Zia symbol as the Zia tribe is asking that users request permission before use of this symbol. All work should be appropriate for all ages as Meow Wolf is a family friendly environment.

    Policies upon Acceptance
    Meow Wolf will make payments to vendors on a monthly basis equal to 60% of the revenue collected on sales of consignment items. Payments along with a statement will be delivered to vendor on or before the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales. Meow Wolf will not be responsible for payment on unsold items that are returned to vendor by Meow Wolf in the same condition received. Retail prices for each item are to be determined by the vendor. Although it is not customary practice on consignment merchandise, Meow Wolf shall have the discretion to discount the designated sale price by up to 10%. Any discounts greater than 10% will require vendor’s written approval. Meow Wolf will take responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged items and will pay to vendor 60% of the listed retail price for each item, with the exception of damages that are deemed to be clearly the result of defective workmanship of the merchandise. Each item delivered to Meow Wolf for consignment must be approved by gift shop management. Quality of the merchandise to be consistent with the quality and type of merchandise produced by Meow Wolf and provided by other vendors, and is subject to approval. Inventory is not to be shipped to or dropped off to the gift shop unless requested; unsolicited inventory will not be accepted. Any inventory being dropped off must be accompanied by a check-in sheet provided by Meow Wolf. At its sole discretion Meow Wolf retains the right to return to vendor any unsold inventory at any time for any reason. Meow Wolf shall have the right to approve or reject the product selection, require vendor to increase or decrease the quantity of merchandise, and require vendor to change the merchandise from time to time. If minimum sales requirements are not met, unsold items may be returned after an introductory trial period. As space is limited, Meow Wolf reserves the right to display merchandise, move merchandise, and remove merchandise as needed. It is Meow Wolf’s intent to seasonally change up the assortment of vendors and products represented in the gift shop. Any issues pertaining to Merchandise, how it’s displayed, priced, etc. should be brought to the attention of a manager, with a written email or at a time agreed upon by both parties for an in person meeting. Please do not disrupt gift shop sales associates and/or front desk staff. Prior to items being placed for sale, Artist will submit to Meow Wolf a completed W-9 form, a signed contract provided by Meow Wolf, and a CRS# or Social Security # in order to generate an NTTC form.

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