Of Infinite Space, the Photography of David Loughridge

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David Loughridge was a born documentarian. His photographic practice began as an irreverent record of adventures with friends at boarding school and grew into a deep fascination with portraiture and street photography. Upon moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, David’s camera was in constant use: creating thoughtful portraits of his friends and artful behind-the-scenes photographs of the early Meow Wolf collective, of which David was an integral member.

David passed away at 33, leaving behind a large archive of stunning unpublished photographs. Curated to match his portfolio assemblages and printing style, Of Infinite Space brings together snapshots of daily life with family and friends, conceptual portraits, and a reproduction of Hall of Fools, his 2009 solo show at Meow Wolf.  Though his work is a continued inspiration to those who knew him, Of Infinite Space brings his uniquely empathic and honest photographic work to a larger audience.

11” x 10” x 1.125” shrink wrapped.

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