Killer Acid New Mexico Print



Roswell, NM, July 8, 1947 – A U.S. Army Field Office issues a notorious press release via wireless transmission: An alien spacecraft has crashed nearby.

Less than two years earlier, the first nuclear bomb ignited over the sands of Los Alamos. UFOlogists speculate as to how the blast might have reverberated throughout the cosmos, acting as an invitation to our extraterrestrial brethren.

Before the Spanish arrived, indigenous Mexicans made this land their ancestral home, a place where even the rock formations along the Interstate are a psychedelic experience.

This postcard-perfect design from Killer Acid, in collaboration with Meow Wolf, celebrates New Mexico’s otherworldly history. It commemorates the Land of Enchantment’s astral visitors, old and new.

Print is 12″ x 16″, 5 color screen print on kraft cover stock, made in the USA, printed in California

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