A Living Room Vinyl



A delicious slab of etched vinyl.

When art builders and curators Meow Wolf went looking for composers to work with them on the Omega Mart (omegamart.com) in Las Vegas, they, of course, approached Amon Tobin.

A Living Room is the music Tobin composed for Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Within the expansive, immersive installation music fills the art filled aisles and Tobin’s work sits alongside areas sound tracked by Brian Eno and Beach House amongst others.

Omega Mart opened in February 2021 to rave reviews with the New York Times describing it as “Mind-expanding.”

“Meow Wolf commissioned me to score a space as a living soundtrack that would morph over a 20min period in a physically interactive environment. My intention was to make something sympathetic to the space but also music which could exist independently of it, making any room a living room.”

– Amon Tobin

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