Sam Haid: Not Here But Unsure of Anywhere Else



Not Here But Unsure of Anywhere Else is an analog collage series, meditating on existence as a conscious body of atoms, on this planet, within the cosmos. Internal worlds and dimensions are fabricated and explored in effort to reconcile the anxieties of experiencing life without knowledge of origin.

Sam Haid is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in collage and photography. Various themes of existentialism, the cosmos, climate destabilization, and human-beings’ relationships with the Earth are explored. Sourcing from the internet, astronomy magazines, and his own photography, Haid uses collage to create inner and outer worlds of existence; real and surreal, meditations and predictions.

He leans into the universe.


30 color printed pages, saddle stitched.

5.5″ X 8.5″