Meow Wolf ‘Stay-At-Home’ Bundle


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House of Eternal Return Sketchbook


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Creatures of the Multiverse: Field Guide Volume One


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OOLY Double Ended Color Pencils


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Origin Story Color-Changing Pencils


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50% of net proceeds from the purchase of this bundle will be donated to the Santa Fe Food Depot.


Stay inspired and creative with our new Stay at Home bundle while also helping the community.

Draw your favorite creature from the Creatures of the Multiverse: Field Guide in your House of Eternal Return Sketchbook. Study the various creatures found within Meow Wolf Santa Fe and maybe even write a story about your favorite creature.

Also included within the bundle is one of Meow Wolf’s heat-sensitive graphite pencils, as well as a 12-pack of double ended OOLY coloring pencils.

Note: The image shows two sketchbooks. The bundle only includes one sketchbook.